Three Reasons to Use Black Box Recording in Healthcare

Today's healthcare information systems are becoming increasingly complex. Such a system, like a modern EHR, is going to replace number of yesterday's systems used in hospital settings. In addition to this, the new system tend to cover new functionalities as well. Increasing complexity makes system development a continuous journey beyond initial implementation and acceptance to production. Continuous development calls for practical insight about clinical work and development skills to improve the system according to this insight.

Black box recording is usually known from airplanes, but similar recording approach is often used in air trafic control and emergency control rooms. Recording of user actions and interfaces at control systems is called "at-the-glass recording". Similar approach in healthcare can significantly improve patient care in a longer run if used for collecting user experiences in clinical practice.

  1. Improving clinical practices

    Best practices can be learned by identifying positive deviants in working practices for sharing with other professionals.

  2. Providing "dashcam" for Doctors

    Abnormal operation of an EHR can be traced back and reported to the regulatory authorities with actual evidence for corrective actions.

  3. Troubleshooting software issues

    Software issues can be spotted by the users and resolved by "SWAT" teams dedicated to prioritize and improve system usability with no excuses.

UXblackbox and associated software tools are build for these purposes. We are ready for EHR optimization driven by clinicians' insight.