• Real use scenario. Better information.

    Using the product in a real use-environment, real users and with real life data, you get autenthic information about the product. With our tools this is possible so that the natural workflow of the user is not interrupted by overly complicated reporting of critical events.

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  • Mobile device usability testing

    We thought it would be neat if you could do mobile usability testing without cumbersome wire and camera setups. We decided to do something about it and now it is possible.

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  • Analysis tools as a cloud service.

    All analysis, storage and reporting can be done at our cloud service. The main focus in developing our tools has been that they need to be easy to learn and efficient to use on a day-by-day basis.

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  • Recording user experiences. Easy!

    UXblackbox records events the user experiences as easily analyzable video clips. The video clips show a screen recording, mouse clicks, keyboard strokes and user reactions.

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Our customers

Adusso Oy

 Business-id: 2430372-7

  Address: Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 HELSINKI

  Phone: +358504014975

  Mail: info[at]adusso.com

  • Automotive Industry
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Business Systems, ERP
  • Customer Care Automation
  • eCommerce & Webstores
  • Gaming Lounge
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Interaction Observations
  • Medical Devices
  • Mobile Testing
  • Portable Usability Lab
  • Product Configurators
  • Concept Prototyping
  • Service Design
  • Survey Studies
  • Training & Workshops
  • UI Recording
  • User Testing
  • UX Monitoring



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